A lead frame is a thin layer of metal frame to which semiconductors are attached during the assembly process. Lead frames are used in almost all semiconductor packages. Most kinds of integrated circuit packaging are made by placing the coil or chip on a lead frame, then wire bonding it to the metal leads of that lead frame. This simple and usually low-cost packaging is still the best solution for many applications. Typically, lead frames are produced using a long strip of different kind of pre\post platted materials, which allows them to be quickly processed on assembly machines




The Reel to Reel Progressive Stamping is one of the mass production Lead Frame high speed process Such high-speed process suitable for large production rates that make the initial tooling costs tolerable. The sheet metal, typically in roll form, is punched along both edges to create indexing holes that position the sheet during further processing. The location holes are used to advance the sheet metal strip through the stamping machine. Die-and-punch sets specific to the lead frame geometry are also required.

For many years Bconduct has a proven certified solution that serve Customer with its leaf frame production line using pre \ post platted selective strip with Gold, Silver, Tin, Nickel liquids.


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