The processes of globalization confront us with endless opportunities to improve our core activities and find successful collaborations, which remove existing manufacturing limitations from our path and allow us to leverage our competitive advantage, strengthen our brand and lead the organization to success and prosperity.

However, choosing the right partner is not an easy task. The success of the partnership depends on many variables and we all seek to find a reliable, professional partner who is able to contribute to our business activity.


The right partner for you

Bconduct is a global company with 3 main offices in China, Hong Kong and Israel, and one of the pioneers in manufacturing management in Israel. The company has been providing services to knowledge-intensive industries around the world for over 30 years.

Bconduct specializes in building and managing complex manufacturing arrays in a thorough manner and in short time thanks to operating two operating management centers, one in Israel and the other in China. Both locations employ skilled professionals in a variety of knowledge fields, such as engineers, manufacturing managers and quality controllers, who allow our clients to focus on their core activities, minimize risks and enjoy precise, quality results. All these, with an emphasis on transparency, are involved in our decision-making, with a regular, joint utilization of management software and process documentation until the perfect result is achieved.

All For One

Over the years we have created a large pool of partnerships with manufacturers in various fields.

This pool enables us to offer our clients a quick and easy pricing process for each and every item and product, provide optimal manufacturing solutions, maintain a strict cost-to-gain ratio and assure high-quality manufacturing at low costs.

Bconduct – The Right Choice

Among our many clients around the world are international security organizations, high-tech companies, pharmaceutical industries, electronics and electric industries, agricultural plants and many others.

Our clients have chosen Bconduct due to our proven abilities over the years, and due to several prominent advantages:

  • Maintaining especially high standards and strict international manufacturing standards such as ISO and TS.
  • Managing client risks, from verifying factory reliability on the financial and manufacturing levels, verifying availability and the extent of other obligations to maintaining data security and secrecy throughout all manufacturing phases.
  • Rich, extensive and reliable economic and marketing research for the purpose of integrating improvements in the phase of realizing manufacturing plans.
  • Preventing dependence on a single factory, the better to meet schedules and deadlines.
  • Managing the purchase of raw materials and recommending material suitability, all at the best prices.
  • Regular submission of reports throughout all manufacturing and verification phases.
  • Strict management of packaging and delivery phases, including precise documentation based on double notation – of paperwork and of physical photos of the product – all the way to actual loading.
  • Manufacturing of sample models – production of a precise model of the product, for final testing prior to mass production.

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