Communication Rack Manufacturing

Bconduct provides its customers with complete communication rack production systems at the highest level, from the planning stage, through the construction of the production line and the supply of the cabinets. All this, while meticulously attending to every detail of the process and supervised by experienced professionals in the field, including engineers and quality control specialists. The capabilities and tools of our company ensure the delivery of communication racks that meet exactly the needs and goals of the organization in terms of price, quality, efficiency, and safety. These are cabinets that meet all the most stringent standard requirements and are manufactured efficiently with a cost-effective approach and full ability to meet schedules.


We have all the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to develop and manufacture communication racks in different sizes, configurations, components, and materials, including cabinets, server farms, boxes, panels, and any accessory or internal component of the rack. Our customers are from various industries, such as the military industry, electronics, medicine or communications, manufacturing procedures based on electronics packaging operations. These are professional, comprehensive, and high-quality procedures that start from the planning and characterization stages and continue until serial production. During these, our customers enjoy quality packaging for the electrical and electronic components of the cabinet through various operations such as punching, cutting, bending, and finishing, and advanced and unique coating or painting procedures.


Quality and efficient production procedures

The production of network cabinets is carried out efficiently and with complete transparency with the company, which is fully involved in decision-making and receives a complete response to all its requirements and needs. The solution we offer minimizes risk through comprehensive risk management procedures, which begin with examining the reliability of the manufacturing plant in its production and economics aspects, and in terms of availability, discretion, and information security. This procedure ensures the delivery of accurate products of the highest production quality, which meet all the requirements of international production standards, with a strong emphasis on cost-effectiveness. This includes meticulously managed packaging and shipping procedures with accurate documentation based on double registration. The goal is, of course, to provide our customers with high-quality network racks that exactly meet their needs and direct them to focus on their company’s core activities.


To order production of communication cabinets of any type, at any scale and level of complexity, contact Bconduct at 03-9773598. We will be happy to assist you with your selection and provide you with a relevant quote and additional details.

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